Powerful, Reliable, Affordable

Self Sustained for 10+ Years

We have provided thousands of dedicated servers to over 3,000 satisfied clients over the past 10+ years. Self owned and operated - providing peace of mind.

  • RELABILE - 99% Uptime backed by a guaranteed SLA. Count on us to keep you online 24/7 365 backed by real live human support teams at all of our locations.
  • FAST - Most services can be deployed same day, even custom configurations. Backed by diverse blends of BGP bandwidth and super fast redundant core networks.
  • CUSTOM - Choose from a selection of different base models and customize every aspect, or contact us directly and we can build a custom server or cluster tailored to your exact application.

At GorillaServers we strive to provide the most possible value for your money. We are constantly evolving and tailoring our services to meet and beat the competition.

We are proud to be fully self sustained. This means that while we are affordable, we are also extremely reliable. Many clients have had active services with us for over 5+ years with zero downtime.

Powerful Hardware

All servers are hosted on reliable SuperMicro platforms with server grade hardware.

IPMI enabled servers for remote reboot, remote OS reload, and firmware level access to your server(s).

From single servers to 100 server cloud clusters, we can provision it exactly to your specs.

Enterprise storage servers with up to 48+ hard drives and up to 100TB+ storage space.

Redundant Networks

99% Uptime Network & Power SLAs available at both locations.

24/7 365 human technical support.

Multiple Tier-1 and international bandwidth providers.

Fully Self owned and operated datacenters


We own the datacenters, networks, and hardware. No money goes to a middle man, so we pass on the lowest possible cost for all services.

Most configurations are $0 setup, monthly recurring with no contracts.

Resellers with multiple servers can achieve even more discounts. Contact for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions:

No! All of our services are monthly recurring with no contracts or setup fees. Setup fees may only be included with upgrades or custom builds.

Dedicated servers allow you full control of your service at a hardware level, including IPMI for remote reboot and OS reloads.

Unmetered bandwidth allows you to use your full port (100Mbps / 1Gbps / 10Gbps) 24/7. Our unmetered servers are fully dedicated, so there is no hidden limitation or throttling of any kind. You get everything you pay for.

Additional IPv4 space can be ordered after your service is provisioned, and may require some technical justification. We provide a /64 of IPv6 for every server upon request at no cost.

New server orders are generally provisioned within 12-72 hours. In most cases server orders are deployed in under 12 hours once approved.