Dedicated Servers in Los Angeles California & Ogden Utah

Dedicated Servers put you in total control of your business. With the latest hardware and unmetered bandwidth you are free to grow without constraints. All of our dedicated offerings are customizable and upgradable.

Servers built specifically for your needs

Choose a pre-configured base model server and customize it to your needs, or contact our sales engineers directly to have a server built just for you. Our stock configurations are generally ready within 24-72 hours of payment confirmation and approval.

Dedicated Server Models

Standard Server Models Gaming Servers Storage and Streaming Servers Clearance Servers
Why you should go dedicated

Dedicated servers give you the ultimate control over your hosting. We provide several strong base server configurations, and you are able to customize every aspect to fit your needs. Combined with our high capacity, high value network, your services with us have unlimited potential.

With IPMI capability you are also able to manage your server(s) from a firmware level. This means you can reboot your servers remotely, as well as install any custom OS you choose. This eliminates the middle man and lets you manage your server(s) directly.

  • Use 100% of your bandwidth 24/7 - 365
  • All servers come with at least 100Mbps unmetered (~30TB Monthly)
  • Manage your server with IPMI for free!
  • No overages ever. Period
  • Configure & Customize every aspect of your server(s)
  • Start your own hosting business