Ogden Outage Information

If you are a client and have been affected by the Outage in Ogden, please submit a ticket in the client portal.

April/19/2021 08:31 AM MDT

The majority of servers are now online, but we do understand how frustrating this is for you who are still down. If you currently have backups or do not need to restore data, we may be able to provision a new fresh server build for you. Please let us know if that is the case by opening a ticket or updating your current support ticket to speed up the process.
Know that we are still restoring the remaining damaged servers as quickly as we can and upgrading hardware where possible. Thank you for your continued support and patience.

April/15/2021 01:35 PM MDT

Yesterday northern Utah had a serious wind storm which took out utility power to one of our feeds. Due to previous events we are still in the process of rebuilding a new datacenter section, and some servers were on utility power meaning no battery backup.
The vast majority of servers are now on UPS & Generator power and stayed up during this event. Moving forward some clients will need to be relocated to bring back UPS power. This may also be a good time to upgrade to faster hardware or make other configuration changes. You should see personalized emails on this in the coming few weeks, and we can work on options for you.

April/13/2021 10:21 AM MDT

We apologize for the lack of overall update as we have been working through this situation. While a large majority of servers were restored earlier last week, we have been making large strides to repair all offline servers and damaged equipment.

At this time the current effort is to power up all servers that are still offline. This will bring a large percentage of remaining client servers back online. The ETA of this will be posted shortly after this update.

If you still have servers that do not come back online after this incoming push, please know that we are aware and will be assessing and repairing all services still offline.

Update as of April/07/2021, 2:27 PM MDT

The last few days have been very long, hectic, and crazy as we are sure it has been for you as well. While this is not the last update, we hope that this will at least give you an idea of what steps you need to take in regards to your server located at GorillaServers in Ogden Utah.

As of this moment, all of the servers not directly affected are back online. If you are unable to access your server, it can be assumed it is currently down and will remain so until it can be inspected for any damage in the coming weeks. We are optimistic that the vast majority of data stored on these servers is recoverable. Several servers racked in the vicinity of the incident have resumed operation without trouble.

Our focus going forward is to restore functionality and connectivity to as many servers as possible. Every hour, more and more servers are brought back online, and we will continue in that effort over the coming weeks. Timelines are very hard to predict at any stage and many clients’ servers won’t be back online for several weeks. If you have not already done so please submit a support request through our online customer portal at https://support.gorillaservers.com Once your ticket has been submitted, please be patient and understand continued inquiries for updates are counterproductive as everyone who is updating you is one less person trying to bring your services back online. We will post weekly general updates as they happen and customers will be notified when any changes have been made to their status.

In online forums, we have posted as many informative updates as possible to keep you, our clients, “in the loop”. Alongside our updates, several attempts have been made to spread rumors and false information. If customers have any specific questions in regards to their service, the client portal is the proper channel to communicate through.
Thank you for your patience and understanding

  • Power Outage - Over the weekend the facility in Ogden lost external power which led to generators coming online to supply backup power.
  • Generator Failure - Despite being recently load tested, one of the generators in the facility suffered a mechanical failure and caught fire. Power to the core systems and fire suppression was cut to protect them.
  • Further power issues - The generator failure led to the fire department cutting off power to the entire building, despite the further power systems being independent from the core.
  • Power restored - The power to the facility itself has been restored and our team has been working around the clock in conjunction with the city, 3rd party contractors, as well as other technicians flown in from across the country.
  • Network Issues - While many sections of the datacenter have had full power and network restored, others are still being worked on.
  • Extended Outages - A smaller percentage of services will have extended outages as they may have been affected by water in the area from fire suppression systems. Some services are in the process of being rebuilt to preserve data integrity. If you have not already opened a ticket, please do so and we can help track the status of restoring said services.