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About us

Experience Unmatched Performance, Price, and Stability. Dedicated for 15+ years

Our Mission

GorillaServers Inc. is a leading provider of bare metal dedicated server solutions with an extensive track record of quality and reliability. With datacenters strategically located in Los Angeles, California, and Ogden, Utah, we have amassed over 15 years of experience deploying thousands of servers that cater to both individual and business clients. Our suite of services includes pre-configured instant deployed servers, as well as fully customizable built-to-order servers that meet your unique requirements. We also offer specialized tools to facilitate reseller services and an intuitive client portal that boasts a wide range of automation features for a seamless user experience. With a commitment to customer-centricity and exceptional service, we are dedicated to ensuring that your business runs smoothly on our secure and reliable server solutions.

Our company offers unparalleled benefits that set us apart from other competitors. We are staffed 24/7 with in-house tech support, meaning you can rely on us to assist you with any issues or inquiries that you may have at any time, day or night. Additionally, our hardware and networks are all self-owned and operated, ensuring that we have complete control over the quality and security of these systems. This allows us to provide the best pricing and performance in the industry while maintaining the highest quality hardware.

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